Sources and Destinations


Transportation Problem [TP] module solves Transportation problems with any number of Rows (m ≥2) and any number of columns (n≥2). Initial solution for the TP arrives through North-West Corner Method / Least Cost Method / Vogel’s Approximation Method. Optimum solution tab provides the optimum solution for the TP.
If the TP objective is maximization, TP-Maximization tab provides the optimum solution for the Maximization problems.
The TP Problems may be ‘balanced’ or ‘unbalanced’.

  • Enter the Number of Sources
  • Enter the Number of Destinations & Press Submit Button
  • Enter the Transportation Cost in each cell
  • Provide each Source Availability and Destination Requirement
  • Save option allows you to save the problem data to the local system storage as a ‘.txt’ file
  • Solution page contains Problem Statement, Modified problem, Iterations and Total Cost of the Transportation
  • There is an option to save the solution as a PDF file