Constrains and Variables


Integer Programming Simplex Method module solves the Maximization / Minimization type of Linear Programming problems with any number of variables (n ≥2) and m-number of constraints (m≥2), where all the Decision variables are Integers. This module solves the LPP by Branch and Bound Method and Cutting Plane Method.

Branch and Bound Method

  • Enter the Number of Constraints
  • Number of variables freezes as 2
  • Choose the Objective function type
  • Fill the coefficient details in the Objective Function
  • Fill the coefficient details in the respective constraints & Right Hand Side quantities [RHS]
  • Save option allows you to save the problem data to the local system storage as a ‘.txt’ file
  • The output will contain Problem statement, Graphical Solution of the problem, optimal solution without considering Integer constraint and Solution with Integer constraint.
  • There is an option to save the solution as a PDF file.