Value Unit
Demand (D)
Setup/Ordering Cost (Co) per order
Holding/Carrying Cost (Cc)
Purchase Cost (p) per unit
No. of days in a year days


Inventory Management Module solves Economic Order Quantity models [without & with shortages], Economic Batch Quantity models [without & with shortages] and Price Break Models.

Ordering without Shortages

Ordering without Shortages tab solves the Economic Order Quantity [EOQ] Inventory models, with any shortages.

  • Enter the Demand [D] and choose the Unit of Measurement from the Unit option
  • Enter the Set up /Ordering cost [Co] per order or per set up
  • Enter the Holding cost [Cc] per unit and choose the Unit of Measurement from the Unit option
  • If Purchase cost [p] per unit is given, enter the same
  • As a default entry, Number of days per year consider as 365
  • Press the Solution Button to generate the solution
  • Save option allows you to save the problem data to the local system storage as a ‘.txt’ file
  • Solution page contains Problem Statement and Result Table.
  • Result Table contains the EOQ, Time Between orders, Number of Orders & Total Cost [Including Purchase Cost, if it is given, otherwise Total Cost excluding Purchase cost]
  • There is an option to save the solution as a PDF file